Who we are
Global Link Afrika (GLA) is an indigenous Christian Missions agency which aims at bringing transformations in the lives of individuals and communities through Mission Training and Community Transformation programmes. We identify, equip, link and send missionaries through their professions.
Transformation of communities
Ours is a holistic approach to missions causing transformation in the lives of individuals but also in their communities. Our programmes are designed in a 3E cycle with each programme giving opportunity for Exposure, Exploring and Engaging in holistic community engagements (mission) to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Non-denominational stand
Global Link Afrika (GLA) is a non-denominational Christian mission agency. This means that GLA is not founded by any church or denomination but shall partner with any evangelical local church, organizations and Institutions to realize the great Commission of Jesus Christ and to fulfill her aims and objectives.
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November 25, 2015

BY Gillian Gathoni Edube


Mission Internship Program (MIP).

MIP is a one year strategic mission experience for fresh graduates who have a sense of calling in missions; the program places missionaries in communities that are in need of restoration. E.g. (Unreached people groups, hard to reach communities etc)

The program seeks to give young graduates opportunities to be involved in global missions while using their gifts talents and professions cross culturally.

Through the year the missionaries are equipped and helped to discerning their calling. Over the years we have had several committing into longer term mission work, while others go into theological mission training and others still go to the corporate world and influence their sphere.

Why young: Life brings with it roles and responsibilities, yet while one is young they are more flexible, adventurous and have more time in their hands.

Why passionate: we believe in sending people that have a sense of calling and passion for missions, this gives them reason and energy to serve no matter what.

Why profession/skill/talent: We reach communities that sometimes would be closed to a missionary and therefore enter through existing institutions where the missionaries can practice their professions as well as reach the communities therefore the communities easily identifies with them. The young people being adventurous we also let them use their gifts and talents to do missions. Avenues could include Children, sports, cookery, counseling, schools etc. Like Moses we like to ask what do you have in their hands.

Why cross-cultural: most people grow in a single culture context and the program exposes them to live and work in a cross-cultural community which helps them break stereotypes and get exposure to a wider scope.

Why frontier – there is a notion in the Ugandan church of a great church being the one that has more people, we believe that the harvest is plentiful and the believers  need to get out of the salt shakers and go and make disciples of all nations.

Why Through the churchsending missionaries is the mandate of the church and we seek to be an agency that receives disciple followers of Christ from the church and together facilitate the logistics of the going and serve as a link.

Why big picture of world missions- We have been on the receiving side for long and as a continent and nation and we would like to be involved in the task remaining towards world missions. We see this as the first step into further involvement in world missions and we encourage as many as pass through our hands to get involved further.

Why equip: The program offers opportunities to be equipped for the service. The placements are the opportunities to practice the equipping.

Why partnership: Mission is done with the feet of those who go,The knees of those who stay and pray and the hands of those who give. Encouraging partnership as a way of missions.


  • To raise a selfless mission minded generation who have a biblical worldview that influences every sphere of live.
  • To equip and prepare the young people to take the risk and engage front line in global missions.
  • To provide a well structured networks and opportunities for service.
  • To give hands on mission experience that shapes their future involvement

Mission is done with the beautiful feet that go, the knees of those who stay and pray and the hands of those who give. We welcome you to join us in this noble task of mobilizing workers for the great harvest and through Christ reconcile all things.

Below are our current mission placement areas.

Anyavu Health Centre III is a 3 hour drive from Arua town to the south, in West Nile region. It is located in Enyivu village, Anyavu Parish, Logiri Sub-county, Vurra County. It is a Private Not For Profit (PNFP) facility run under the supervision of Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB).

Current Missionary.

Evelyn Apolot  who will be serving in Anyavu Health Centre III as a mid wife come November this year.











SCHOOL-new placement
Archbishop Orombi Comprehensive Secondary School is a 15minutes drive from Lira town, located in Anai village, Anai Parish, Vurra Sub-county, Lira District, Northern region of Uganda. It is a Christian founded ordinary level secondary school aiming to mentor students with Christian models of discipleship as a foundation for quality education

Current missionary.
Akello Polly Grace



A public Administrator  Missionary serving in the school, the church, and through this to the community. She serves as a teacher and Mentor directly attached to the Secondary School.





Anyiribu Health Centre III is an hour’s drive from Arua town towards the south, in West Nile region. It is located in Beera village, Omii Parish, Anyiribu Sub-county. It is a Private Not For Profit (PNFP) facility run under the supervision of Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB).

Current missionaries

Esingu Albert and Jossph Tsuma are the  Missionaries serving in this facility

Albert  Esingu who is currently serving as a Nursing Officer








Josph Tsuma who will be serving as a Clinical Officer







Erepi Health Centre III is a 4 hour drive from Arua town to Moyo District located in North Western Uganda, West Nile sub-region. It is located in Erepi south village, Ameri Parish, Metu Sub-county. It is a Private Not For Profit (PNFP) facility run under the supervision of Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB).

Current mission intern

Mukamarinda Benson who is currently working as a Clinical Officer









5. GLA Office.

GLA office is located in Kampala Ntinda Kigowa , Ntinda Nakawa Division.

Current missionaries.

we have three missionaries serving in the GLA office;


Twongirwe Enid who is a computer Scientist and is currently working as the Communications Assistant.







Omoding Nelson, an Economist who is currently working in the Admin Department



IMG_5647Akullu Agness a Nutritionist  who is currently  working in office as she awaits her deployment and,






DSC_0948Kevin Ombima a microbiologist who will be working in the programs Department




6. RUSHERE HEALTH CENTRE III located in Western Uganda.

Current missionaries

IMG_5656Drani Emmanuel a Nursing Officer currently serving in Rushere  and







David Okiiki will be serving as a microbiologist in Rushere.



7. Yivu Abea Health Centre III located in Northern Uganda

Current missionary

IMG_5916Solomon Ahimbisibwe a clinical psychiatric C. O currently serving in Yivu Abea Health centre III and,



DSC_1102 Anthony Kamau who will be working as a laboratory technician.



8. SHALOM NAMUTERE HEALTH CENTRE III Located in Busia District Eastern Uganda

Current missionary

IMG_5632Okello Innocent  is currently working in Shalom as a Nursing Officer






9. Kumi Hospital. Locted in Eastern Uganda.

Current missionary

IMG_5635Robert Laven currently working as an an orthopedic Clinical Officer