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The mission experience and expectations in a new culture and community can be challenging; the Local church and the entire community can be overwhelming for the missionary! This reminds me of the story of Jesus and the two sisters, Mary and Martha. As Martha was working hard to serve Jesus, Mary was at His feet listening to Him and resting in His teaching. It is very tempting for us to want to serve and serve until we burn out. Why not take a rest and reflect?

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The interns in a session.
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The prayers with interns is a must.



Global Link Afrika is keen on ensuring that mission interns get time to refresh and retreat while also learning relevant things to help them serve effectively.  They also get to spend time away from the usual environment and in that way allow Jesus to speak to them.  The one year Explore Missions Community Development (EMCDP) mission interns work in their placement areas, and then every three months we have them back for the EMT Program.

It is game time for the interns.

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We have an upcoming EMT from 11th to 16th May, where we will be listening to the interns’ stories, laughing and weeping with them, giving them direct pastoral care and also letting them be away and silent as they get re-energized to go back and continue serving.

Watch out for their stories on our website and also be part of this by supporting EMT May 2015.

Gillian Edube

Missions and Partnerships Director