Join us through the MIP Program.

 The Missions Internship Program (MIP) is a one year flagship program that seeks to give the missionaries hands on experience which exposes them to global issues and challenges them to engage with these issues using biblical approaches.

Program justification.

The Church in Africa is growing and is ready to serve as senders of missionaries for global missions. By mobilizing and sending missionaries locally, we offer opportunities for Christian professionals to participate in global missions through their professional skills.

It is our belief that global missions should begin and indeed be executed through local action. It is also true that local communities in Uganda are in as much  a need for the gospel and services as well as any foreign mission field and the time is here for us to develop local missionaries with a clear understanding of the actual gaps which need to be filled in our communities.

We need to let go the traditional missionary mindset and embrace the indigenous mission initiatives if we are to bring lasting transformation in our communities.

Why young? Life brings with it roles and responsibilities, yet while one is young he or she is more flexible, adventurous and has more time in his or her hands. This means that both GLA and the placement have shared responsibilities to help the missionary learn and gain experience in their placements. However skillful they might be, we cannot treat them as volunteers, experts or employees because the program places them in a position of learning and discovery. As much  as we are keen to see the impact of their work, we also need to focus our attention on their personal growth  and transformation over the years. Our objective is to build a generation of professionals who are focused and passionately driven to follow God’s will.

Why passionate?  We believe in sending people that have a sense of calling and passion for missions, this gives them reason and energy to serve no matter what difficulties they may encounter. We believe their sense of call and passion for God  will see them through.

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