I have come to a conclusion that sometimes God calls people not because he needs them, but because they need him (God). Salvation is entirely the work of this holly God. But how could he use even broken sinners like me to reach other sinners? Going through the book of Zachariah (3) helped me get the answer to this question. God cleanses sinners through Christ on the basis of His grace and then uses them to serve Him as they walk in His ways, for his Glory.

Therefore it is on this basis that I, an undeserving sinner am serving in Kenya, through an exchange program between Global Link Afrika and iserve Africa.

My name is Drani Emmanuel, an Enrolled Nurse. I come from AruaWestnile, North western Uganda.

Having served one year in western Uganda, I was sent by Global Link Afrika to serve in Kenya so as to gain understanding of cross cultural mission.

This was done through partnership with a likeminded organization in Kenya, iServe Africa.iServe Africa is a Christian organization that exists to raise a generation of gospel hearted servant leaders through training, mentoring and equipping emerging leaders for holistic transformation in Africa and beyond.

I am placed at the office of iServe Africa, in Kiambu County, Kikuyu Township. I’m also attached to a local church called Grace Point in kikuyu. IServe Africa has a number of programs TransformD discipleship program, Apprenticeship program, Cross camp among others.

We are six Ugandans serving in Kenya. I majorly coordinate the Ugandan team from their different placements to the office, majorly the implementation of Preventive health in the different health facilities they are placed in and yet using those as opportunities for preaching the gospel. I am also involved in the discipleship programs in iServe Africa office which aims at teaching scriptures to teenagers from high schools and those who have finished high school and are waiting to join Universities. I help in one on one with the teenagers assigned to me and leading small bible study groups, as we seek to grow in the knowledge and understanding of God. The discipleship program is a residential program for six months, and we do these activities on daily basis. Besides teaching the Bible, the young boys and girls are given life skills. As a nurse, I teach them a full package of First Aid. This is just an avenue of opening up to them and having an opportunity for conversations concerning the gospel. In Grace Point church, I serve in music ministry where we hope to grow in music as part of worship and especially congregational singing.

 I have come to acknowledge that salvation is entirely the work of God. He convicts sinners by his spirit, justifies them and uses them for his glory. I normally find it hard to say I did this as an impact of the mission work. However I believe God is at work in the hearts of these young brothers and sisters. It has not been one person working, but a team work of over 20 people discipling 30 youth for six months. Just a day ago, three of these youth acknowledged the saving power of Christ, and surrendered their lives to Christ. But discipleship goes beyond saying “I give my life to Christ”. It is amazing seeing these young people getting the gospel truths from the scripture, zealous to read and understand the scripture, and asking alt of questions from the scripture. And again, some gaining interest in Missions. In late march, we will be taking them for a short term mission experience in northern Kenya among an unreached people group to practice what they had learnt.

As the pattern seen in the bible, God’s work is supported by God’s people. Partnership development has not been easy especially when I transited to Kenya. Communication has not been as usual, it is hard to communicate to those who are not on social media. But I thank God for the few partners who have continued to Support me financially, spiritually and emotionally.

One thing I will never fail to talk about is the rich trainings I am getting at iServe Africa and the opportunity to serve in a bible teaching church “Grace Point church”. As Paulstresses the need of equipping the gospel workers in 1 Timothy 3 and 4, this has been an important aspect of my involvement in mission. I have been a student of “Utumishi Course,” a 10 weeks course facilitated by iServe Africa, aimed at faithful Bible teaching and servant leadership. It has been a real joy sitting under people who have walked a head of us in the faith and teaching of the word, and growing in understanding of the Bible.

Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father of the son and of the HolySpirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age. Mathew 28:19-20.

Emmanuel Drani