2017/2018 NEW INTERNS



Hello Friends,

My name is Ahimbisibwe Solomon, a born again Christian with a Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry.

I received Christ as my personal Lord and savior in 2014 at Butabika School of Clinical Psychiatry and the Son gave me rest and set me free indeed. I set my heart to run the race marked out for me with my eyes on Jesus. I am going to do mission with Global Link Afrika. I am to spread the word of the Lord using my profession and everything within me to the people in need making disciples, and standing with them when they are in need.

I now seek to use this opportunity to request you my brothers and sisters in Christ to support me for this cause spiritually, financially, materially and in any other way as the spirit leads you.

“Solomon is currently serving in yivu Abea Health Centre III as a Clinical Officer”


IMG_5624Hello friends,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My Name is Akello Polly Grace.

 I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Management and I am so much determined to serve God. I thank God that through Global Link Afrika I have an opportunity to serve in the Chaplaincy of Arch. Bishop Orombi Comprehensive School in Lira for one year as a missionary. I am looking forward to witnessing to and discipling the students of that school in this coming year. I am convinced there is no better thing to do currently than to commit to helping young people get to know and grow in the Lord! Truthfully I am glad to join the people preaching the Gospel, so that nations that have not received it may receive it! I request that you stand with me in prayer as I preach the Gospel in Bishop Orombi Comprehensive School, in Northern Uganda.



Hello friends,

My name is Mukamarinda Benson.  I am writing to share with you about my upcoming year as a missionary Nurse with Global Link Afrika.

I have seen God working in my life. In my education, He’s the one who raised everything for me through sponsors. My parents could not afford to do that, but God made a way for me. Throughout my nursing training, I served God but after I left the institution, it seemed the doors for serving God had closed. Then GLA came with an opportunity to serve.

Being a nurse, I feel that I have a unique opportunity to share the love of our Lord with patients who are discouraged. through the Word of God. GLA has provided an opportunity to do this by placing me in a community that needs my nursing skills as well as people who can share the Gospel.

As I begin my year of service at Erepi Health Centre III in Moyo district, I call upon people to stand with me in prayer, financial support and encouragement.



Hello friends,

My name is Drani Emmanuel. I completed a Nursing Certificate in May this year from Kuluva School of Nursing. I am writing to share about my upcoming year of service as a missionary with Global Link Afrika. While in school, I was convicted by the Gospel of Luke 10:2 which says that the harvest is plenty and the harvesters are few. I encountered a man who had suffered long with a simple disease that could be healed easily using a simple method. I felt challenged and inspired to serve God using my profession. I therefore thank God for the opportunity to serve as Missionary Nurse at Rushere Hospital for one year through the GLA Mission Internship Program  I welcome you to join me in reaching people with the Gospel of Christ.



Hello friends

My name is Odong Robert Laven. I am writing to share with you about my upcoming year as a medical missionary with Global Link Afrika.

I am committing myself with GLA to serve God using my profession, become a radical disciple of Jesus Christ and to clarify God’s calling in my life. I graduated from Mulago in 2017 as an Orthopaedic Clinical Officer by training.

Throughout my studies, I survived by God’s grace and mercies, glory to God because He is always faithful (PHIL 1:6). When I completed my course, I had a passion to serve God with my profession, a sense of special calling and desire to see people saved. When I heard of GLA, my heart was overwhelmed with joy and peace upon hearing those passionate to extend the gospel.

There is great need in the communities we are sent to. I may not be able to do much myself but with your help, we can reach these communities together.

I humbly request for your support in form of prayers, finances, materialistic, and encouragement. I am really sure together, we can make Christ known all over the world.

“Robert Laven is currently serving in Kumi Hospital as a Orthopedic Officer”



Hello friends,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Agnes Akulu and a nutritionist by profession.

I am taking a one-year mission internship program with Global Link Afrika. I am going to do evangelism, discipleship, and reaching the lost with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

All along, I have been serving God. I have ever gone to missions, but that hasn’t seemed enough. Such trips have left me wanting more. There is in me a desire to continue missions. While I could develop my career, when I weigh my career against the burden on my heart, I find that doing my career alone does not give me satisfaction. That is why I am serving as a full-time missionary for at least one year. Through this one year, I want to know the reason for this burden on my heart so that I can pursue and develop that calling.

I have the passion for evangelism and mentoring others to become disciples of Christ. I believe that our community can be transformed into a better place to live in through touching and changing individual lives with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The mission would also shape and position me to discover more, embrace and fulfill my calling in God. Together we can restore hope to people and extend the gospel to the lost and touch their lives with the love of Christ

”Agnes Akulu is currently serving with Refuge and Hope International that works with refugees 



Hello friends,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Apolot Evelyn currently pursuing a Diploma in Midwifery at Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery and I will be completing this year in November.

I have decided to commit myself to a one year mission internship program with Global Link Africa, an indigenous mission agency that seeks to identify, equip, link and send Christians to serve in mission opportunities. I will be able to use my profession as nurse to reach out to and preach the good news of Jesus Christ to the un reached communities of people in different parts of this country. I am doing this because of the passion I have the calling   to serve the Lord. This will also enable me to explore cross cultural mission and discover more of what God is calling me to do. So, dear friend I am calling upon you to be part of this great mission by supporting me in any way you can .

Evelyn is currently serving in Karamoja  district,  Rotiri health center II



Hello friends,

My name is Esingu Albert. I’m writing to share with you about my next year with Global Link Afrika. Through their Mission Internship Program, I will be serving as a missionary Nurse.

As I neared the end of my Nursing Diploma,

I developed a desire to show God’s love by leading people to Christ. Paul writes in Romans; ”How can they call on whom they have not believed and how can they believe on whom they have not heard about? How can they hear unless one talks to them and how can one speak to them if he has not been sent?” I praise God therefore for the opportunity to serve as a Missionary Nurse at Anyiribu Health Centre in Arua district  I request support from you in prayer, financially, socially, and with encouragement. Whichever means of support you have for me, I welcome you to join me in reaching people with the Gospel of Christ.



Praise the Lord;

I am Okello Innocent aged 26. I recently sat for my state final examinations from Jerusalem School of Nursing and Midwifery in May this year. I am currently waiting for the results. Over the years of my study, I got involved in student ministry and impacted many lives. This helped me to identify the gap in changing lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have committed myself to serve God with Global Link Afrika as a missionary intern for one year. Under this program, I am currently serving in Shalom Health Centre III as a Nursing Officer. I therefore request for your spiritual, emotional and financial support, for I know through you, we can build the body of Christ tremendously in our nation and beyond.



Hello Friends,

My name is Twongirwe Enid, aged 24. I holed a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I got saved in 2004 and since then I have never regrated making that decision. The Lord has been merciful to me in many ways and because of that, I decided to commit my self to serve him this year  beyond self.  I am currently working in the GLA office as the Communications Assistant

Missions are done with the feet that go, the knees of those who stay and pray, and the hands that give. Please prayerfully consider standing with us in prayer, in giving us moral and financial support. May God bless you as you think about involving yourself in missions.



Hello Friends,

My name is Nelson Omoding from Kumi district in eastern Uganda, studied in Gulu University and persuaded bachelors in business administration where i just finished recently. Being filled with the knowledge and the understanding of God`s will, I was so passionate for missions with studying scriptures that persuaded to know the great commission of God on which He called me (Matthew 28:18-19).

It was on 18th of june to 13th of august when I spent time in karamoja as a missionary which people group were categorized as unreached people groups who are animism that is they believe that there is a god called akuj but they don’t know who He is in actual sense to their life’s. They believe that someone can block rain and so then they sacrificing animals to give them rain, they also marry more that 2 wife and they are the local brew (kuwete) as there food but amidst all this God has used us through story bible crafting, language learning, spiritual displine which has helped me grow spiritually and having that passion in my heart.

After this mission in Kabong I got zeal to serve God as a missionary in unreached people groups which elevated my heart, soul and mind to see mission as extending Gods kingdom. The training was so empowering that molded my view about global mission and the need to reach the unreached groups like Muslim, Hindus, non-religious etc.

”Nelson is currently working with Divine Care Ministries in Karamoja district

In addition to the above, we have  Missionaries serving in Uganda through an exchange partnership with  iServe Africa- Kenya, Among those  we have:


DSC_1102Anthony Kamau   will be working in Yivu Abea Health Centre III as a Laboratory Technician






David Okiiki   will be working with Shalom Namutere project in Busia district as  an environmentalist





Kevin Ombima Will be working in the GLA office in the Programs Department








Joseph Tsuma will be serving in Anyribu Health Centre III as a Clinical Officer.

2016/2017 INTERNS



My name is ACOMO ALICE aged 24 years, a first born to a mother of five children. I grew up with my grandparents whom I knew for my parents until I was 5 years of age. My grandfather was a Church teacher who loved and served God. I unfortunately lost him to the political insurgency in the Northern part of Uganda in 2014.

My grandfather’s commitment in the service of God gave me a strong foundation to know Jesus Christ. In October 2001 during a convention which took place in my village Palabek Kal, Lamwo district, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and I have never remained the same.

By God’s help, I hold a Bachelor Degree in Quantitative economics which I completed from Gulu University in May 2015 and graduated in 2016.

I came to know about Global Link Afrika through the Living word conference in January 2014.  The conference gave me a deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s word and how to handle it.  And because of the impact of the conference, I became very interested in Missions and served as a Missions coordinator in the university. Later, I participated in GLA’S Global issues program (GIP) run every year. At the end of the program, I was consumed by the passion for Mission. I had learned that mission is not only evangelism but also a social responsibility and community transforming task. Interesting! This gave me the zeal to share the love of God with anyone around me and serve their physical needs where possible.

When the opportunity to serve as a missionary with Global Link Afrika for a year came, I simply committed to the cause. I have now been placed at Global Link Afrika offices in Ntinda and  I know the one who has called me is faithful and will use my profession and lifestyle for His glory.


IMG_0007 (Copy)

I am Akello Alice Elizabeth aged 23years, after my A’ level at Tororo Girls’ School, I joined Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery for a diploma in nursing   which I finished in 2014.

I gave my life to Christ at 13 and since then, my mother has generously shared with me the goodness of the Lord and seen me through the growth of scripture. I thereafter have served in church and helped my friends and fellow students to learn the goodness of the Lord.

The conviction that I felt in my Senior Six about missions kept growing through me as I pursued the Nursing Profession. I am now convinced that the purpose for which God created me is being fulfilled.

A medical mission’s seminar at Mulago Medical School organized by Global Link Afrika (GLA) that I attended in 2013 proved my conviction right. The calling for missions became clearer for me than ever.I signed up for a year commitment with the organization to serve as a mission’s intern and I was placed in Kei Health Centre III in Yumbe District of West Nile. This one year seemed to me as though I was exploring whether this is what God has really sent me to.

After this one year of service in Yumbe, I have had time to pray for guidance and direction for the next step and I am glad that I am continuing with missions because I am convinced that it’s where God is leading me to.It comes with real fear and a lot of anxiety especially when I have to lay down my plans and ambitions to obey God.

My point of strength and encouragement is in knowing that I am a bond servant to a righteous master and it’s my obligation to obey him as he picks me up to write his story.

I am therefore delighted to invite you to partner with this ministry committed to bringing holistic transformation to the community.


DSCN9428 (Copy)

I am Tinze Rose from Arua district in West Nile and I am 27 years old. My family is a closed nuclear family of 13 members, my father and mother inclusive and I am the last born of my 10 siblings. My journey to salvation has been worth regretting, but I have no regrets at all .

After my primary in 2004, I joined Lake View Luzira for my O’ and A’ level from 2005-2010.

When I joined Kyambogo University for my degree in Counselling and Guidance in 2011, I encountered a fellow student who preached to me about the Love of God and there I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. I carried on with journey of growth which has been so disastrous! Breaking the news to my staunch Catholic family was the saddest thing that they had ever heard from me for my life. They could not believe what I told them, that I had gotten save? Impossible! Their choice to abandon me, persecute me and later throwing me away from the family has done a lot in my growth.

After my graduation in January this year, I went home and the family couldn’t receive me as their daughter if I still mentioned anything to do with being saved. The trauma I went through nearly had me think twice about the choice I made to give my life to Christ. But I still remained unshaken.  So I decided to leave home but I had no idea of where I was headed for, all I knew was that I was in the safe hands of the Lord.

I had to let my pastor know about my leaving so I went to his house and all he gave me was the idea to come and serve with Global Link Afrika as a missionary . And this is how I got to know about Global Link Afrika and now I am sold out to serving God through this umbrella. My heart leaped with joy because the feeling of serving the Lord had for long been beckoning in my heart. I went for it and here I am. This is my opportunity to serve him in a needy community and I will go and serve Him.

I have now been posted to Yivu Abia Health Center III in Maracha district. And I believe the Lord will use me to transform this community using my counselling and Guidance skills with the aim of reconciling all to God through Christ.

The opportunity that I have got to serve the Lord is a tremendous one and I want to use it as He, God leads me through. So anyone reading this write up, I ask you to stand with me because we need each other to bring the light of the Lord in the world.