Field Stories


It was a Sunday around November 2018 when I received a call to go and pray with two families in Rupa Village, Rupa Subcounty, Moroto District. There were two girls of about 11 years who were sick. One was a witch doctor’s daughter and  the other one was demon possessed. I didn’t go alone to pray for them, I went with a group of three of my ministry partners.

When we arrived at the home of the sick girl, the family members welcomed us and narrated to us the story of her sickness. After I had shared from the word of God with them, we san some songs of worship. As we worshiped, some people in the community started gathering around us to see what was going on. After a time of worship, we were led into a session of deep repentance by one member of the prayer team. In the back of our minds it were preparing for a big spiritual battle.

Before we knew it, the battle had already begun because in a little while there was a lot of screaming and rolling down from the sick girls and some of the family members. It was a rather strange happening as we witnesses demonic manifestation in all kinds of different ways. It took us nearly three hours of constant prayer and worship before the witch doctor’s girl got delivered. Praise be to God.

It was at that point that the mother of the delivered girl (The witch doctor) got moved by what she had seen and asked for prayer. When we began to lead to confession, it seemed like it was then that the real work started. For she too started to scream and roll and demonstrate all kinds of demonic activity. She was throwing up, hissing like a snake and trying to run away . She was even commanding us to leave her alone. Of course we know that we were dealing demons here! It took us over six hours of intensive prayers and worship for her to get delivered. Oh my God, it was a tough war.

Now, we were praying from inside the house and  little did we know that there were very many people outside who came without being invited by anyone. Finally, it was at some time past midnight that she got delivered. After realizing that she was delivered, she was so glad and she went and brought her Shrine things and instruments that she used in performing rituals. We burnt them and she confessed Christ. What a joy we felt!.

In her confession, she said that as a witch doctor, she always had to perform some rituals for her gods/powers to work before performing any task. So, she was used to performing those rituals in fear of death and torment from gods. She said that this had become almost a prison for her and she had no freedom at all and the day she got delivered was the day she had yearned for in her entire life. She yearned for freedom and she got it that day when she got delivered. We left her joyful mood and we went back home.

Later she testified that that night she slept well and all the following nights because she never used to sleep before she got delivered. A few weeks later, her friend who also happened to be a witch doctor realized a great change in her friend’s life (The one who got delivered) and she asked her why. The one who got delivered witnessed Christ to the one who was still a witch doctor. And yes, God did it and this witch doctor got convicted to also receive Christ.

They invited me to go and pray for her but it found me too busy. So I requested the prayer team to go there and pray. I also prayed though I was busy with work. So, the prayer team led her through deliverance and yes, She got delivered and gave her life to Christ.! Wao. This was so exciting!.

I’m currently walking with these new believers. The only challenge is that one of them lives on top of the mountain and visiting her is very hard. Another challenge is the means of transport to regularly visit them and share the word of God with them. But I believe that God is faithful and that the spirit of God is at work in their lives.

But all in all, glory be to God for these souls. The harvest is really plentiful but the laborers are few.  

Please pray for Karamoja

  • Pray that the Karimojong people shall be delivered from being embedded in deep cultural practices like idolatry, polygamy, animal sacrifice and alcoholism. That they may know Christ and serve him faithfully. Pray for Karamoja land to develop especially for churches to be built since many communities don’t have churches. People pray under trees, There is no clean water, there are no roads which connect to most rural areas. Pray that these roads will be constructed.
  • Pray for the ministry and the native gospel ministers serving in their land Karamoja because serving God is really hard for most of them. Pray that God gives them strength, wisdom, protection, courage, and grace to carry on amidst tough resistance, witchcraft and extreme poverty.
  • Pray that the Karamojong will accept to study because it is only people from outside Karamoja who are getting scholarships within Karamoja.

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Emechu Thomas