Primary health is huge and very vital thus a very key focus of FK, it’s the heartbeat of FK and it has to beat in the hearts of participants and all stakeholders if any impact to the target people is to be realized . I’m glad I was able to achieve this goal as a NOREC participant.

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Being a Kenyan and having to serve in a different country, in a different culture was one of the worries as I stepped in the land of Karamoja as an FK participant. Fear of the unknown almost took all my confidence away, But, The joy of seeing improved primary health care was more motivating. Now I can attest of success through the one year as an FK participant in Lotirir Health center 11 and Moroto in general.

Work done.

Serving in Lotirir health center 11.

I have been serving in the health center at various capacities but mostly focusing on nutrition. I was the nutrition focal person. Malnutrition is one of the key health issues in the community. Throughout the year we recorded very high admissions for supplement foods mainly for children below 5 years and pregnant women. This happens at different times of the year.

Community dialogue. We conducted community dialogue only that we only managed to have the village health workers. In this they helped us understand what’s happening in the villages. Three health issues were reported as observed to be  prevalent during this rainy season. These are Malaria , diarrhea,  and cough.






Consultative meeting. We held one consultative meeting. Various stakeholders came together; Karamoja church of Uganda development department, the facility staff, GLA FK staff, village health team and the health unit management committee. Various issues relevant to FK work and functionality in that area were discussed.

Outreaches in the villages. It has been wonderful to go to all the 9 villages for outreaches. The major focus of the outreaches was; malaria, nutrition, hygiene and immunization against tetanus and human papilloma virus for girls. Under hygiene we realized a very large number of people especially children who have conductivities/trachoma as a result of poor hygiene especially failure to bath. Since the medication for this is readily available, as FK  we could only major in talks about hygiene and deworming.






Health talks. We did health talks at various forums; when patients are gathered at the facility for treatment, during outreaches in schools  and during meetings. Health talks were focusing on malaria and its prevention, teenage pregnancy, danger of HPV that causes cervical caner in women, HIV/AIDS, hygiene and nutrition.

School outreaches .We conducted various outreaches malaria testing and treatment, deworming and vitamin A. The level of hygiene is a bit high in school thus few cases of conjunctivitis were reported. The pupils utilize their mosquito nets, especially them who board, thus reduced cases of malaria. A very good turnout for TT and HPV vaccine  has been recorded. This proves the importance of education and knowledge.






Impact on the Community

Its evidenced that the community has in one way or another benefited from the FK activities.  As a result of village outreaches which involved encouraging the community to always come for medical services , we have recorded an increased OPD attendance and deliveries.  This has also resulted in more pregnant women coming for ANC and  mothers bringing their children for immunization.