1. Prayer
  2. Communication from the chair
  3. Minutes from the previous meeting
  4. Feedback from departments
  • Resource and communications
  • Missions and partnerships
  • administration
  1. Any other business
  2. Closure


Min:1:  The meeting started at 10:35am with the chair calling the house to order and later leading through the agenda. All the members adopted it.


Min: 2 : Bill was requested to lead the opening prayer in which he asked God to protect and guide the house through the meeting and the other activities.


Min: 3.I : The chair then  gave his communication, welcoming everyone for the meeting especially Gillian, a staff member who was not feeling so well but had made it for the meeting. He then gave Bill Janzen an official welcome from Canada to Uganda and particularly to GLA and thanked Africa Inland Mission (AIM) for sending him.


Min:3.II: The chair also thanked everyone for the dedication that they had put in to do their different duties and there general commitment to the work. He encouraged everyone to continue with the zeal but also not to be so ambitious and forgetting their purpose they have for God, get lost into self satisfaction. He said that everything had to be committed into God’s hands since He is the guider.


Min:3.III:  He concluded his communication by asking God to open our inner eyes such that we can get to see things that human eyes cannot easily see.


Min:4.I: Baker read through the minutes of the previous meeting. Saying there was not much talked about in the meeting other than the follow up that was meant to be done by different departmental members. He then highlighted departments and their follow ups.


  • Resource and communication:
  • Website management.
  • Data base development.
  • The newsletter printing.
  • Missions and partnerships:
  • UPMB signing the letters.
  • MOU and AIM signing letters
  • FK assessment of the office premises.
  • Updates about Linda.
  • Increment on the office space.
  • Business cards.
  • Finalizing the departmental roles.
  • Wall charts.
  • Staffs retreat.
  • Formalizing the partnership with MOU.

Min: 4.I: The departments were then requested to give the feedbacks from the follow-up that they had made, but the chair requested that someone from a different department can give in a say or update in case they have some any news from any updates from a different department.


Min:4.II: Joseph Odongkara talked about the feed backs from the resource and communications department.

  1. Jo argued all the departments to hand in the articles for the news letter within three days since the deadline of handing in had already passed. He thanked those who had cooperated and had beaten the deadline. The money for the new news letter printing is available.
  2. The website is running and very active, he the requested Bill to talk about the new website and its developments. Bill said, the website was now very active and was training Derrick on how to edit and add in blogs, posts, articles, photos and pages. He had also made a sandbox in which Derrick would play around with during his practice, a practice Bill notes that Derrick was doing very well.
  • Bill said that the hosts of the new website were in the process of designing a new website which would be so user friendly to everyone.
  1. Bill also added that he had met Bernie Muluta and during his discussion with him, he seemed to have much expertise with computer knowledge. So in case of any technical problems when he is gone Bernie can be of help.
  2. He then concluded by talking about the wifi which was all new but only had problems with the speed; a thing that would be rectified by the end of the month after changing from the unlimited rate which has a limitation of 512MB per second, to internet everywhere which is not limited.


Min:4.III:  Gillian  gave the feedback from the missions and partnership department.

  1. Baker said that the letter to the UPMB, MOU and AIM letters were signed.
  2. Gillian said that Linda who had preferred to be part of the IGNIT follow up and organisation is available for any kind of work. The members then agreed that since it is the first organisation of IGNIT, there is need for only the people with much knowledge of what it is all about to run it.
  • Gillian said that FK did the assessment of the office premises.
  1. IGNIT preparations are on and so far, so good.
  2. She then said that the EMT I and II had happened successfully and the interns that in the field and out of the field need to be kept in touch with.
  3. She also noted that there is need for growing close partnerships with churches since the medical field has the best catch for the missionaries over the years, and yet they finish and wait for graduation the following year.
  • Gillian also noted that the GIP would be confirmed within three months time, whether to take place this year or not.
  • Solomon gave an overview of the medical missions meeting the previous week with Sylvia and it was a success, there was another meeting to take place that evening and all the staff-members were expected to attend. Gillian the said the meeting would take place on 18th/04/2015.So she asked God for financial providence.
  1. Baker requested that there be some invitations sent as far as upcountry since running two conferences this year would be hard. And the students who had showed interest would be followed up.
  2. There is need for the diversification of the field of recruitment like in the teaching area and the teachers would be sent to some hard to reach Christian schools.
  3. The interns are okay in the field, Asukadi is at the top of his work and Alice was having a trip to Southern Sudan on a mission said Baker. He also said that the issue that came up about the interns’ sustainability in which they thought of forming a SACCO and some out gone interns were excited about it.
  • Baker said that the Discipleship, and Bible Training(DBT) in a school in Arua had been carried out successfully.
  • Jo said the calling of the interns should be very regular and it should be shifted from an individual responsibility to the whole organisation, the whole issue was shifted to the Resource and Communication department to be in charge of the communication to all the interns.


Min:4.IV: The administrator gave his feed back ;

  1. Dorcas had made a contribution of UGX.1, 000,000 towards the date at Banana village, and there remains a date of UGX.1, 000,000. And he had received the business cards from Jo and he was appreciative to him for meeting the costs to the newsletter.
  2. He welcomed back Jo from the conference that he had gone for in the US at the end of the last year.
  • The work plan is out and everyone should look through it and see if it is workable for us.
  1. Fundraising: Gillian said that all the GIP alumni should be followed up to see how the fundraising is going on. So Baker only talks about money related issues on Tuesday and in case anyone wants to be updated on money issues has to meet him on Tuesdays. Solomon was requested to come up with forms indicating the people who have decided to fundraise with GLA for easy follow up.
  2. Prayer and communication: Baker said that there is need for us to develop a data base to email the sponsors of GLA monthly to show them what is going on through facebook, email and website.
  3. Reports: Baker requested all those that have not yet sent in any report to do that as early as possible, as well as those intending to get any leave.
  • He then told the house about the departure of Jo at the end of August.
  • There was another question by Baker to know whether we should still continue having tea from the Biblica office and he said he would find out from them if it is okay with them.


Min: 5.I: In other businesses, Solomon requested if there are some EMCDP reports to be sent to him. There was a request for the meeting minutes to be sent out within 72 hours by the communication department.


Min:6.I:  Joseph Odongkara said the closing prayer in which he asked God to provide for the interns, GLA and thereafter prayed for Gillian to be healed by the blood of God. He conclusively prayed for the family of Bill and everybody else’s.


Min:7.1: the meeting ended at 01:18pm and it was attended by 7 members.