Mission Apprenticeship through MIP Program: Is a one-year commitment targeting fresh graduates with passion and gifting who want to explore their place in holistic missions in the particular areas of their profession. Through Missions Internship Program (MIP), the participants receive a one year hands on experience in holistic missions through mentor ships from mission minded professionals and attending quarterly Explore Missions Training (EMT) and pastoral care from GLA. The participants are expected to bring impact in the community through the nearby local church by initiating/reviving children and youth ministries, evangelism and discipleship programs and to address some of the critical community issues like Sexuality and HIV/AIDS, Community Health, Social and cultural Believes based on the authority of the scripture and the available resources in order to bring about holistic transformation in the community.


Missions Internship Program(MIP) is a flagship initiative of Global Link Afrika (GLA) for young professional graduates who have passion for mission and using their talents, skills and professions to reach out for Christ. Its mandate is to recruit professionals across the board as missionaries but for now, it is taking Christian health professionals. MIP came out of a cry from young people who have gifts, talents and skills they could use to serve God. GLA through MIP links these young people to places where there is need and where their professions are highly demanded. At the end of placements the interns’ involvements with the communities influence themselves towards global missions.


MIP recruits train and deploy Mission Interns in placements, which suit their skills, training and expertise. GLA under which MIP is mandated and managed, works in partnership with churches and other organizations to ensure the Interns are mentored and exposed to ministry. The program applies the discipleship model of training for life and ministry with the goal of helping the young men and women to develop a deeper mission, vision and commitment to Gospel Ministry. Upon completing an in depth training, GLA sends the interns to placement areas e.g. health centers and churches where they would serve and help the local churches and communities. The Interns are expected to be actively involved in the communities and to address issues affecting it as well as reach them out for Christ.

The program seeks to give young graduates opportunities of involvements in ministry while contributing to their career development. Ideally, the placements are cross-cultural and the Interns learn from experienced staff in a win – win situation where both the Interns and the placements mutually benefit. After a year of service, some of these young professionals consider long term mission work in the country or in foreign countries. Some take theological studies while others join secular work places and continue to bear witness to Christ. Either way the experience is life transforming, character building or disciple making.




The Program is special and unique in its own ways and methods of involving the young people who are mostly fresh from colleges. First of all it is indigenous. We have always received foreign missionaries and they have done a great job but a time has come for Ugandan churches to arise and raise missionaries for Uganda and beyond its borders. Secondly, the Program is cross-cultural. It offers opportunities for young people to live and work cross Missions Internship Program culturally; thus, helping to break the traditional and socio-cultural stereotypes. It also enhances the development of social skills for the Interns. This in the long term effectively creates a generation that is not bound by ethnicity, socio-cultural and racial prejudices,  making them ideal candidates not only for building peace and harmony or the management of socio-cultural conflicts across the divides but also good candidates for Global Mission.

An intern doing the diagnosis and experiment in the field.

A lot of young people who are passionate about missions at school find themselves with questions they have to answer after graduation such as: How do I want to be involved in missions? The MIP helps these young people to explore, think and make demanding decisions on how they could get involved in missions. GLA provides elementary training and exposure to Christian ministry while MIP ideally exposed them to such training as they make their decisions. Every mission intern gets trained in biblical skills and studies useful for them for the rest of their lives. The Program runs four Explore Mission Trainings (EMT) throughout the one year internship. The course is quarterly programmed with 4 weeklong sessions held each quarter.

Young people are adventurous. They are interested in new experiences and keen to be involved in a variety of activities. Unfortunately, there are limited programs and structures in which their energy, skills and time could be properly channeled. The MIP is one way of providing constructive adventures for the youth as they seek their purposes for live.

During the training Interns are helped to create a set of kingdom values and skills that they would carry far beyond the one year internship. They also have to read and critique six books, which are very well thought of and helpful for any Christian growth to get them ready to impact their communities, nations and the world at large. On completing the one-year placement we hold a Debriefing Retreat to discuss the placement and how it has been for the Interns. We also celebrate successes and set goals for their post MIP involvements to help them transit.


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The program is basically funded through supports of church individuals and organizations that are passionate about missions. Even though it is recognized that the partner organization can barely afford to fund the program in any significant manner, it is expected that any partner organization shall meet a certain basic contribution towards the well-being of the interns. All the other funds and resources to support the program are raised through the generous contributions of friends and partners of GLA, well wishers of the program and friends and partners of the interns