2014/15 Interns

Our 2014/15 interns are already out in the field but we think you will appreciate getting to know them through these profiles below.  These young men and women are just some of the many that GLA prays to have on its training and community service through their professions. Here are what they said a few days before taking their 12 months placements with GLA through its Explore Mission Community Development (EMCD) program.


My name is Abiti Anyole Hosea of Koboko District in northwestern Uganda. I am 24 and have 11 siblings. I have completed a certificate in comprehensive nursing and midwifery at Arua School of Comprehensive Nursing and Midwifery in May 2014. I now look forward to being a missionary intern with Global Link Afrika for a year. This is because the Lord has seen me through my two and half years in school and in life as a whole.

I surely know that if it was not for God, I would not have completed my nursing course and reached this far. No word can describe my gratefulness to God. I cannot hold back his call to share the gospel with his beloved people.

My conviction is that God has called me into his service and giving a year is worth it. I must say it is a privilege to be a missionary through my profession to bring holistic transformation in the community to which God has send me owing to the fact that GLA has bridged the gap between my profession and serving Him.

Having undergone training on holistic mission, I absolutely know that I am a lifetime missionary and that where ever I go I will remain a missionary, and an ambassador of Christ. I am ready to be used of the Lord in a place I don’t know and do that which my master requires of me knowing well that comes with a price to pay.


My name is Gloria Akong aged 20 from Lira district in northern Uganda. I hail from a family of 7. My aunt introduced me to Jesus at an early age and so I grew up being part of church life. I therefore grew up to appreciate the place of Jesus Christ in my life and was always challenged to have an ongoing relationship with God.

Later on at Arua School of Comprehensive Nursing and Midwifery, I joined the Christian Fellowship and I continued to grow in my faith and understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Above all I was challenged to value service and ministry to other people.

After completing my course, a Global Link Afrika staff asked me to consider participating in a month mission project. I joined without hesitating and in the course of the mission I served among the needy communities. This experience did not only leave me challenged but also totally changed and wondering in what way I could continue to serve in a similar way.

After hearing a sharing of a GLA staff about the organization’s vision and mission, and how through my profession I could serve the purposes of the gospel, I was both challenged and encouraged to commit some time to serve as a missionary as a way of giving back to God and serving his people in light of his love and grace towards me. I have therefore committed to serve as a missionary through the GLA Explore Mission Community Development Program as a missionary nurse at St. Luke Katiyi.

In this one year of service I am looking forward to hearing from God as he gives me the opportunity to serve him and his people. I am also looking forward to being part of the transformation for individuals and the whole community of Katiyi. I also believe that my life will be of impact to many young people in the community. I am therefore going to Katiyi as a nurse but also fully aware that God has called me to share his love with the community.


I am Amongin Grace, aged 22 from Akoboi village in Katakwi district in eastern Uganda. I grew up in a Christian family of six siblings with both parents.  Although I knew God I did not know him as a personal savior and Lord until 2010 when I finally encountered him and accepted him as my Lord and Savior. From this time my life did not remain the same.

After my O level, I joined Arua School of Comprehensive Nursing and Midwifery in 2011. At the school I served as a counselor in the Christian Union and later qualified as an enrolled comprehensive nurse in 2014. Towards the end of my course I learned about Global Link Afrika. I also had a chance to interact with GLA leaders who shared more about the organization and its activities

Above all I saw my involvement with GLA as an opportunity to serve God and his people through my profession. I therefore signed up for a month holistic mission, which completely transformed my life. Helping me to get a wider view of God’s unconditional love through Bible Study, the social life of people and cross cultural aspects of the mission which left me profoundly humbled.

This mission dragged me out of my comfort zone and led me into offering myself to serve as a missionary nurse through GLA Explore Mission Community Development Program for a year. I have been assigned to work at Erepi Health Centre in Moyo district in northwestern Uganda. As a nurse I know that I am called to preach, proclaim and teach the word of God just like an ambassador. I am compelled to do this not because I do it best but the calling from God is overwhelming. Seeking not to glorify GLA or myself but to give glory and honor to him who created al things.

I really have passion for the Erepi people and I hope that through my involvement in the community and with the help of God there will be transformation in their lives.


My name is Achieng Sandra aged 23 from Namayingo district. I grew up in a Christian family where I had the chance to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My family did not only enhance my understanding of the Gospel but also gave me an insight into my faith, which set the foundation for my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ. As a young person, I was provoked to critically pear into my Christian walk, particularly as a family on the meaning and implications of the Gospel. I was therefore encouraged to get involved in Church ministry from an early age. I served in the church as an usher, an intercessor and within the choir. It was at this point that I began to learn the significance of serving God within the context of my local church.

This became instrumental not only in my decision-making but also when I joined Gulu School of Clinical Officers. Here I got the opportunity to serve as a leader in different capacities in the fellowship of the campus. These various roles enabled me to grow and check on how to walk with Christ within Christian values. The experience particularly sharpened my leadership skills and enabled me to appreciate the need to share the Gospel with others.

After completing my course in June 2014 I learned of Global Link Afrika through a friend who told me about an opportunity to serve as a missionary through the organization, an opportunity I chose because of the love of God and the wonders the Lord Jesus Christ has done in my life. I have been inspired to serve in my profession as a missionary through the GLA Explore Mission Community Development Program for a year.

I am looking forward to serving the needy community through proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope to address the health needs in the community as God enables me through the missionary health centre at Yivu Abea.


I am Otim Samuel age 24 of Apac District. I am passionate about Jesus Christ and compelled by his love to share with others at large. I grew up in a Christian home but not until 2008 did I truly become a Christian and a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I gave my life to Jesus Christ at this time in my life, became born again and have never looked back since then.

God has been good to me in every way especially in my education. One thing that He has done for me outstandingly is providing my school fees throughout the years I have been at school. He enabled me to pursue a certificate in comprehensive nursing and midwifery in Arua. It was here that I encountered a staff of Global Link Afrika.

I got involved in the organization’s program in June 2014 when I joined the Global Issues Program 2014. During this mission I learnt so many things among them being exposed to rural poverty and the effect of war and other global issues and how to respond to them in the Christian context. I was completely transformed. I then joined GLA Explore Mission Community Development Program, which exposes young professionals to holistic missions through their professions as missionaries. During the one year I would be attached in a community church and a health centre.

I feel indebted to God for his faithfulness, goodness, love, provision and success especially in my studies and believing in him for the future. In return I would like to give him my one-year as a missionary. I pray that I will be a witness in Namutere community and I long to serve this community, to love and treat the sick, encourage the hopeless, pray with and for the sick, preach the good news, teach the word and proclaim the freedom of God through Christ Jesus.

I am hopeful that my availability as a missionary in this community will make a big difference and in turn transform my life.