2015/16 Interns



Growing up in a Christian background has shaped up Temia Joyce into signing up for the one year program with GLA in the Missions Internship Program(MIP) . She is fourth of the five siblings, aged 21 years and stays in Arua district in the northern part of the country. The hardships that she has gone through since her childhood have made her stick to Christ because He has hard all the answers to her questions.

Temia accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savoir in the morning of her life and since then, she has worked to leave to it with the Church. Among the various activities Temia has been involved in are; one of the intercessors, Sunday school teacher and a choir member. More often than not, Joyce and her local church have gotten involved in activities like door to door evangelism and also reaching out to the sick in the community.

Despite the challenges that Temia has face in her school, Kuluva School of nursing and midwifery, she has gone an extra mile to give ministry life a run for its money! After a staff from GLA talked about their mission “To identify, link, resource and facilitate networks for holistic community transformation.” I quickly felt, this was my time to give God thanks for all He has done in my life,” she says.”It is therefore a blessing that GLA has given me a chance to offer my gratitude to God through this mission.” she continues. God’s guidance, she prays, is the only thing she asks of God.



Being brought up by a single mother and the only lady among four boys, who showered her with a lot of love, had almost gotten Patience Ayikoru off rail. In Arua district where she hails from, Patience knew all that took place in the most ‘un Godly’ places because of the freedom that had been given to her. Needless to say Ayikoru had become spoilt with the worldly treasures.

“I had gotten lost into total confusion and couldn’t just help it!” she laments. But right from the time that Patience joined Kuluva School of nursing and midwifery, after her S4 in Ediofe Girls Secondary School in 2011, she started getting convictions beyond her own understanding. The spiritual realm within her became so overpowering; she felt the strong word of getting closer to Jesus and taking him as her personal Lord and savoir.
I had felt so different each day I encountered the word of God in the fellowships; which were a norm of the school to attend them.

”But that day at the Focus Regional Annual Conference at Arua School of Comprehensive Nursing and Midwifery in November 2013,”she narrates,” I couldn’t survive God’s call. It was more the Tsunami. Sweeping me off my feet helplessly, with the voice of the retired Arch Bishop Henry Luke Orombi representing the real voice of God. God real spoke through this man!”She exclaims.
Reflecting through my life from childhood, Patience realized what a mess of life it had been! She gave her life to God. Being the only saved person in her family…



After her secondary school advance level at Tororo Girls School, Akello Alice Elizabeth aged 22 years old, joined Mulago School of Nursing for a Diploma in nursing which she finished in 2014. Her privilege has always been growing up with her faithful mum.”It has been a privilege growing with mum who generously shared her faith with me and taught me the ways of God since my childhood.” she says. Elizabeth gave her life to Jesus Christ at the age of 13 while in her secondary school ordinary level. And since then she has served in church and helped her friends and fellow students to learn the goodness of the Lord.

The conviction that she felt in her senior six about missions kept growing through her as she pursued her nursing profession. She is now convinced that the purpose for which God created her is being fulfilled. ”I am passionate about mission and I am convinced that this is the purpose of God for my life,” an enthusiastic looking Alice notes.

A medical Missions Seminar at Mulago Medical School organized by Global Link Afrika (GLA) that Alice attended in 2013 proved her conviction right. The calling for missions became clearer than ever for her. She notes that it was at this seminar that God made her calling clearer to her. She has now signed for a year commitment with the organization to serve as a mission’s intern.

GLA has placed her at Kei Health Center III in the Yumbe District of West Nile. Despite the prices she has to pay as a missionary, Alice is totally sold out to pursue the will of God in her placement. ”As a missionary I am totally sold out to pursue the will of God in this community fully knowing well that it comes with a price to pay such as personal commitment, challenges in my physical and spiritual life, living in a completely new environment with new dialects.” affirms Alice with a determined voice. “Yet in all these,” she continues, “I have to serve the community and that I can only do with and through Jesus Christ who is my strength. ” she adds.

Alice also called Elizabeth confirmed that after her year placement, she intends to pursue further medical studies to the level of a degree in medicine and surgery in order to become a professional in this field. But even after her degree she believes her passion for missions will not be affected in anyway. In fact she believes she would continue with her missionary work and if possible set up a missionary hospital most especially in a rural area where the community cannot access good medical services. “That is one of my dreams that I am passionate about and by the grace of God I will accomplish it.” Alice concluded.


At 40 years of age, married with 5 off springs, Asukadi Okurut Alfred has not lost his calling of serving God as a missionary. Wright from 1996 when Asukadi accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and saviour, he has always burnt with the passion to be a missionary. The borne of 1974 speaks out with enthusiasm about his willingness to serve God at all levels.

Going to International Health Science University (IHSU) and getting a degree in Public Health, after graduating with a diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management from IBMS in Nairobi, Assukadi attended a Medical Mission Seminar GLA organised at Mulago School of Nursing organised. Here in the Seminar he felt that his calling is being fulfilled.”When I heard what GLA does, I just felt it was God who had sent them to me because this has been what my heart has always longed for.It has been so deep in me that I together with a number of friends used to go around preaching the word of God.” says Asukadi.

Asukadi has been placed at Kuluva School of Nursing in Arua District. He feels this has helped in shaping his personal skills and the approach to the things he does. The multi-talented Public Health Officer, who has worked in different places including being a security personnel and teaching in a primary school, believes working at Kuluva has been so humbling. ”Working at Kuluva School of Nursing has humbled me. I work with students and colleagues but to me they are all equal since they are the image of God. I don’t take people to be lower than me and others higher than the other,” he says.

Asukadi would not mind making Kuluva his home despite the challenges that he had to put up with when he arrived at the placement. “I would like to be part of the transformation in Kuluva if there has to be and I would want to be a witness, I can even take my family there and remain there forever.In spite of the situations and problems like the change in food, environment and having to make new friends, I look at the big picture;the reason God brought me here!”ExclaimsAsukadi determinately. Recalling the way he got to learn of who Christ is, he is inspired to serve Him for as long as he lives on earth.

“The miraculous way through which I accepted Jesus Christ on the sick-bed and immediately after which I was able to rise once again and move on my feet, even when people believed that I was dead, makes me serve the Lord vehemently.” Asukadi narrates. He is sold out to be part of the transformation that Kuluva community needs. He has found solace there in that he is able to handle most of the administrative work

                                                                              GERALD LUDHUBA

My name is Gerald Ludhuba, 24 years old, and a mugishu by tribe from Mbale district. I currently reside in Namwendwa, Kamuli district in Eastern Uganda where our family permanently shifted to since 2000. I gave myself to Christ in 2003 when I was in Primary School when Scripture Union had an outreach to our school. That marked the start of the journey in salvation for me.

Growing up in a purely Anglican family I was the first out of the 10 siblings in my family to get saved. From my polygamous family I am the first born. I have slowly and steadily walked this journey of growth in Christ and thank God, along the way, my mother and 3 other family members have also given their lives to Christ.

Going to Busoga College Mwiri  in Jinja district from 2006- 2009 for my O’ level  ,my growth continued  as I served in the Scripture Union as the Chairperson, before I went to  Budini Secondary School for my A’ level  in Kaliro district from 2010-2011. The vision to serve God intensified from Arua School of Comprehensive Nursing and Midwifery where I attained a Certificate in Comprehensive Nursing 2011 – 2014.

As I served as Secretary with the Christian Union Fellowship at the school, I came to learn of Global Link Afrika as many staff came to talk to students who later gave in to serve as missionaries in hard-to-reach areas for one year. The testimonies the students came back with did not only sound too exciting to listen to but also compelled me to be telling the story someday.

Having finished my course, I have now signed up for one year as a missionary with Global Link Afrika and I have been placed in Erepi Health Center II in Moyo District and I expect the Lord to use me to bring transformation to this community. The training that I have undergone about has equipped me to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community that I serve. It is also my passion to work towards holistic Community transformation at Erepi in Moyo.

                                                                                   ASIKU M AMAZA

DSCN9431 (Copy)

I am Asiku Moses Amazah, aged 30 years from Arua district in the northern part of the country. I hail from a polygamous family where my mother comes last of my father’. I am my mother’s first born in a family of numerous siblings.  Owing to the big number of family members, there has been a struggle in my education especially after my O’ level in 2003 from Metu Secondary School in Moyo district.

I had set my target of getting saved on the sick-bay at my eleventh hour before I breath my last because then God would forgive me so fast. But in my S2 2001, I happened to have attended a conference organized by Scripture Union Moyo area. One of the speakers in the conference dribbled me with a challenge when he ask,’ if you want to get saved just minutes away from  your death, what if you are knocked by a car and you die instantly? Where will you end up? Heaven or hell?’  This sounded as though he had a spy who knew what my heart was thinking about that very moment! My heart raced with fear in my chest. I picked myself up moved up front to get Christ because I had to be ready with the way to heaven since Jesus is the way the truth and life.

So all through the challenges I have faced in pursuing an education, God’s hand has always surfaced to help me. Doing odd jobs including brick laying, pottery, working in other peoples shambas and a night guard to mention but a few, to try to raise my school fees ,God has used many people to pay my fees.  First it was Cornerstone Development for my A’ level.  However my first attempt in A’ level did not work out well as I didn’t raise enough points in Chemistry and Biology to get me my dream career in medicine. Before long, I was back to my odd jobs to see how I can get back to school and rectify my mistakes in Biology and Chemistry…but the last job I did,(as a cleaner in a university) brought a couple, Peter and Sharon who selflessly supported me through my second attempt at high school and later in Mengo Medicare Health Professionals College in clinical medicine, a course I did for 3 years, 2012-2015.

Having not enough words to thank all the people who have given a hand in my life, I felt giving God the thanks is something good enough. Hearing of Global Link Afrika’s involvement with health professionals, I knew God had really granted me the chance to thank Him. I learnt of GLA mysteriously by the way. One of the GLA staff rode on a motor cycle with my brother and he generously shared with him about what GLA does. Well knowing what my aspirations are, my brother grabbed his business Card and came home, gave it to me and I called him for the details.

I have now been placed to Anyiribu health Center III for the one year EMCDP Program; I have confidence that this is an attainable task for me. I know God is with me and nothing will scare me…here I come Anyiribu.


                                                                         MUHINDO AIDAH NORAH

DSCN9417 (Copy)

I am Muhindo Aidah Norah, from Kasese district in the Western part of Uganda.I am 25 years old and fourth of 12 children, passionate about reaching out to other people with the word of God. I graduated from Uganda Christian University Arua with a bachelor’s degree in Business administration after my A’level in Bwera Secondary School. During my O’level in Kyizooba Girls Secondary School in Bushenyi , I involved myself so much with Christian values which had been natured in me through my childhood.

Growing up in a Christian family, I always went to church as a young girl but didn’t really understand what it meant to walk with Christ. One day, after our Sunday school Sunday service, we ran to the adult service as we always did, we found a lady out of Church. She had given her life to Christ and she was sitting on the veranda crying out loudly. I was so surprised when I saw her crying openly and I stood, looking at her in amazement wondering what was wrong with her! Out of what had come to my mind one thing stuck there that this woman was repenting and would be forgiven and therefore I had to do so to be a friend of God. This stuck in my mind so much that every time I did something wrong, her image as she cried would come to my mind.

When I joined high school, I attended the scripture union fellowship. One day after one lady called Judith had preached, she made an alter call, and I decided to respond. I stood up and went forward. This was not because I had paid attention or truly listened to Judith’s preaching, I still felt that burning conviction in me. So with some other young ladies, we were led into confession and then prayed for. Two days later, I realised a different feeling, I felt relief and freedom and no guilt anymore. Christ had set me free.

While at the University in Arua, I joined the FOCUS Fellowship in which I met Mr. Samuel Baker as our Training Secretary.  It is through him that I came to know about GLA and what it does. I have decided to give God one year of serving in a community as a missionary through the Explore Missions Community Development Program (EMCDP).

I have been posted to West Lango Diocese in Apac District, in the Northern part of the country and hope to be an immense Gospel impact to this community. Through God I know this community shall be transformed and God’s will shall be done.

                                                                           OGWANG LEONARD

DSCN9435 (Copy)

My name is Ogwang Leonard, a lango by tribe and a born of 1987 from Alebtong district in northern Uganda. I attended Adwari Secondary School in Otuke District for my O’ level from 2003-2006 and went to St. Peter’s College Tororo for A’ level where things did not work out well, then I joined Skyland High School for A’ level the second time which I finished in 2014.

Currently, I am grateful to introduce myself as a graduate from Makerere University Kampala with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology. I am therefore able to serve as a medical laboratory technologist in a wide number of fields but especially in the medical research fields and the hospital.

As the saying goes,”Not every good thing comes easily on a silver plate,” life has really not been easy for me looking at my peasant background. However, one thing that I thank God for is, that, He allowed me to be born in a Christian family, members of the Anglican Church. This seemed to have increased my chance of knowing the truth about the light of salvation which is only received in Christ Jesus.

So it was on a Friday evening at around 5:00pm way back in 1998 when I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. It so happened that my friend and I were from school going back home, my friend who was also in primary five just like me, was from a family where many of the members had given their lives to Christ and attended a Pentecostal Church.  Along the way as we were playing, he started telling me about salvation and the fierce fire of hell. This greatly imposed fear on me a lot and so caused me to accept Christ Jesus as my Lord and saviour. He took me to his mum that evening where she led me into a prayer of confession. I am now a member of Kakoge Pentecostal church, Lira district.

The challenges I went through during my studies up to university have taught me the toughest lesson and I have decided to dedicate my first year after campus to serve the Lord because when I met Mr .Okullo Samuel Baker, the director of administration and Finance of Global Link Afrika (GLA), he introduced me to GLA and told me about it.  The decision making process itself was an uphill task. But this was a real call from God and who am I to resist it? I have been placed in Rugarama Hospital in Kabaale District and I believe God’s hand